LGBT Lives @ The FD Zone, 23rd Feb, 2pm


(Kindly note: This week FD Zone screening will be on Sunday, not Saturday)

FD Zone and KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival presents
Best of KASHISH Documentaries

Session 1: LGBT Lives in Asia
INTRO -- 15 min

Dir: Sao Sopheak
11 mins | 2012 | Khmer with EST | CAMBODIA
A captivatingly courageous and touching film about a lesbian couple in Cambodia. Soth Yun and Sem Eang, both now in their late 50s, loved each other since the genocidal Khmer Rouge regime,when more than two million people died. Soth and Sem survived. The deep bond existing between them and their strength has helped them overcome all.
Winner of Best Documentary Short at KASHISH 2013

ARE WE SO DIFFERENT (AmraKi Etoi Bhinno)
Dir: Lok Prakash
36.40 mins | 2011 | Bengali with EST |BANGLADESH
This documentary talks about a range of masculinities. How different people have unique experiences of coping and surviving in Bangladesh, often ruled by strict masculinist and patriarchal ideals. Whether it’s a rickshaw puller or a middle class married man, a gay couple or a Hijra – this film, told in their own words, unstintingly puts forth the stories of those who managed to challenge those structures and notions.
Winner of Best Documentary Short at KASHISH 2012

Dir: Sridhar Rangayan
18 mins | 2011 | English, Hindi with EST | INDIA
For the first time in India, 20 LGBT individuals in four cities open up in a candid manner to offer an inside view into their lives, views and accomplishments in PROJECT BOLO, meaning 'Project Speak Up'. This short weaves together excerpts from various interviews about the important milestones of the Indian LGBT movement from the early 60s to today - cruising spots, the early efforts at forming community groups in Mumbai and New Delhi, the first gay newsletter, the formation of LGBT organizations and advocacy efforts leading to the historic Delhi High Court verdict on July 2, 2009.

30 mins with LGBT activists on the history of LGBT movement in India

BREAK --15 mins

Session 2: Misuse of Laws

Dir: Katherine Fairfax Wright & Malika Zouhali-Worrall
87 min | 2012 | Luganda, English with EST | USA, UGANDA
In Uganda, a new bill threatens to hand down hard verdicts sentencing sexual minorities to death. David Kato,Uganda’s first openly gay man and his fellow activists work against the clock to defeat the legislation while combating vicious persecution in their daily lives. A heartfelt and penetrating examination of the devastating fight for LGBT rights in Uganda. The documentary follows a group of brave activists that include the charismatic David Kato, who during filming of this film was murdered. It’s a beautiful testimony to one man’s dedication, and stands as a legacy to human rights for all.
Winner of Teddy Award at Berlinale for Best Documentary

Dir: Sridhar Rangayan
10 mins | Work-In-Progress | English,Hindi, Tamil, Kannada with EST | India
A sneak preview of the feature-length documentary film that strings together anguished voices of those who were tortured, blackmailed and indicted by the draconian law Sec 377 that criminalizes homosexuality and weaves it with voices of advocates, activists and opinion builders who have fought a decade-long battle to have this law read down. But as hate crimes rise and the pink rupee promise an Utopian freedom, how will the Indian LGBT community break free of age-old mores and morality.The film captures a community in indignation, a society in transition, and a country on the verge of historic changes.

30 mins with LGBT activists about Sec 377

Date: February 23rd, 2014
Timing: 2.00 pm to 6.30 pm
Venue: RR Theatre, 10th floor, Films Division
24, Pedder Road, Mumbai-400026

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The screenings are FREE and open to all.

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